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One-Stop Digital Creations

Full service website creation agency for non techies. Go beyond design and development, beyond front and back end requirements, and get a site that converts, beautifully and affordably.


Landing Pages

Single pages, sales pages and demonstration sites.


Micro sites

Slimmed down version of larger sites on budgets or campaigns.


Full Websites

Four pages to infinity with a fully functional, optimized site.


E-Commerce Sites

Get a high performing online store on a budget.


Site Designs

Don't have design ideas? We've got designs you'll love.


Content Creation

Don't have page content? We've got you covered there too.


Social Media

Set up or build your Facebook and Instagram presence.


competitor research

Explore your competition and use their strategies to win.


online advertising

Get a marketing campaign and boost your results out the gate.

Get online

Increase Sales

A website is more than a glorified business card. It’s a digital billboard that tells the world you’re in business. It’s your piece of online real estate and it can be monetized for you.

count on us

Design Experts

There’s no design idea that’s outside our reach. There’s also no substitute for clean, simple designs. Whichever way, we build loyalty and trust in your business.

Check and check again

Best Practices

Thorough and meticulous are words we use to describe our work. Once the concept stage is over, the work of creating a reliable, fully functional website begins


our Strengths at a glance

Best practices

We follow up to date site construction practices. We spend time focusing on the foundational details and test for issues every step of the way. As far as design is concerned, your imagination is the limit. Don’t know what you want, but want to be up and running quickly? We’ll give you options to choose from, and deliver a fully functional, high quality and attractive website.

Optimize all content & images
Backups & site security
Few plugins as possible
100% clean code

how we create

affordable websites


Modular construction

We have a modular viewpoint on creating websites. We price and build them in pieces, starting with the homepage. In fact, many businesses don’t need more than that.

Most web development companies aren’t interested in small jobs, unless they’re add-on’s. They look for big fish, and fees range from US$3500-$7000 per site. We work with small businesses because we understand the challenges. Using a modular strategy caps costs, produces high quality work in less time, and allows affordable expansion.

Transparent Pricing

Our pricing is modular too. We have a fixed rate based on how many pages you need. There’s a minimum fee for a home page or landing page, and a reduced rate for more pages. There are no hidden fees or extras. If you want advanced customization, we calculate the time needed and give you an estimate that includes all completed work.

Want to update a site that we’ve worked on? We use an hourly rate. For add-on pages, we have an affordable add-on page rate.

Getting into

the details

We build fully functional landing pages, micro sites and websites from the ground up. They include links, menus, social media integration, contact forms, SEO optimization, and any other necessary functionality. We design them to be future proof, which means they’re engaging, interactive and mobile friendly.

We’re offer hosting, but can also work with the host provider of your choice globally. If you need domain names, hosting or help setting everything up from scratch, we’ll take care of it for you at no extra cost.

On a Budget?

Using the example of a micro site, with everything you need to find and connect to new customers. Starting with no host, no domain and no site, your business could be online for as little as $699. A landing page is $299, a typical four page site costs around $999, and an online store is $2299. See our current specials here.

Already have a site?

With minor changes, the cost is calculated on an hourly rate, or the number of changed pages. For a full website redesign, we use the new site rate. First we perform backend upgrades, enhancements and other site improvements, then proceed with agreed design changes.

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additional services

Security and management

If you don’t want to think about the upkeep and maintenance of your site, we offer full site management at an affordable monthly rate. We take care of security, backups and updates, and if there’s a problem we handle it. The three possible problem areas are:

  1. The initial design and construction stage. These are usually discovered through testing, but sometimes appear later. They’re easily fixed.
  2. Later stage updates that conflict with earlier work. If the changes are made by the same team, there are typically fewer issues, and they’re also easily fixed.
  3. Problems related to the day to day running of the website. Examples are; the site going offline because of server problems. Issues arising from updates to site software (plugins and themes). Spam or hacking attempts. Most issues can be avoided with maintenance and precautions, and none have to be critical to your business.

A few

Common FAQ's

Is this a complicated process?

No. We handle 90% of the details. The 10% involves sending us information, design choices, and signing off on the structure and content of the site. We use your company colors, branding, logos.

We work with you to create the page copy by learning about your business, using marketing materials, comments and testimonials. Content from your current site can be used too. If you have design ideas, we work with you to make those a reality. When we’re done we deliver a modern site at a great price, in record time. We also offer ongoing support and respond quickly.

What happens next?

If you don’t have hosting, we can provide it, or recommend alternatives. This costs $15-$30 p/month, depending on your site’s needs. We then set up the account for site installation. If you do have hosting, we access that account to install the files.

We build out the pages and site features, testing for issues and getting feedback from you as we go. Aside from our initial fee, the only recurring cost to you is the monthly hosting, and yearly domain registration fee (+/-$20). If you already have a site, but want to upgrade it, the process is more-or-less the same.

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