My Japan, Get your Own

Discover the real Japan with Jonathon

Jonathon is an English teacher who’s lived in Japan for 18 months. He’s intimately familiar with the language, the people, the culture, and knows it like few outsiders do. See more than you ever thought possible. Choose an adventure today and explore the Japan of your dreams.

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The adventures Jonathon will take you on

Walking tours, bicycle trips and train rides. Travel across the countryside through cities and towns. See temples and markets, restaurants and bars. Experience the modern and historical, contemporary and the traditional, all in a single day.

Explore unique and special locations.

Discover the temples of Kyoto, the restaurants of Tokyo and the Jazz bars of Matsusaka.

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behind the scenes

Why My Japan, Get Your own, is for you


Experience the hustle bustle of life in japan with a local guide that knows it well


Get the Velvet glove treatment from Jonathon himself as he shows you the real japan


Learn about a side of the country and culture you won't read about or see on youTube

immerse yourself in Beautiful japan.

Some of the visitor comments

Learn amazing things you didn't know about Osaka

A bustling metropolis, and one of the biggest on the planet, Osaka has a side to it that foreigners seldom see, unless you know Jonathon.

Book an Amazing day trip With Jonathon.

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Book an Amazing day trip With Jonathon.


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