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The affordablepage story

Affordablepage started with a simple idea.

We believe it no longer makes sense that professional websites cost what they do.

There’s a right price for everything, things aren’t either low or high priced.

But every web design company we checked was on the expensive side.

In fact, many don’t offer a price until you’ve spent time being sold on their services.

The team at Affordablepage has spent years building websites. We understand the costs.

Coding manually takes time. Front and back end web development requires skill and time-consuming effort.

After saying this you may be thinking, mystery solved, there’s the explanation!

Well, yes and no.

There are approx. 1.5 billion websites online.

Data shows 34% are built using WordPress.

Anyone familiar with WordPress knows that it’s a content management system.

But another way of describing it is that it’s an automated website creation tool.

The word automated is the giveaway. WordPress makes building websites easier.

A few years ago, WordPress was only used by bloggers and DIY hobbyists.

Serious businesses didn’t consider it capable enough for their purposes, but times have changed.

Whether it’s rolling out a business website or an online store, there’s nothing WordPress can’t do.

No design or feature is beyond the reach of a WordPress site, and almost no coding is required. There’s a small problem, however.

Achieving professional results with WordPress requires a different skill set.

There’s a learning curve, and it takes time to overcome the challenges, but not nearly as much time as before.

An attractive, functional site can be up in days, not weeks, and this planted the seeds for Affordablepage.

We know that people like to do things themselves, and WordPress certainly makes that possible.

We also know that most of us don’t have the time to figure out new platforms.

To develop new skills.

In fact we don’t have the time to devote to anything other than growing our own business.

We prefer to spend our time making money and spend our money freeing up time.

That’s why Affordablepage decided to make attractive, professional, affordable websites, in no time.

We think that’s a win-win.

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